globe_green_africaGlobalEduPals is a nonprofit organization (in formation) that aims to promote sustainable development in Africa through education and intercultural exchange. We want to offer those who are curious and ambitious the opportunity to educate themselves and to transform their ideas into innovative concepts that will contribute to the advancement of their home countries.

To achieve this goal, we connect African students, employees and executives with institutions of education and science, the social sector as well as businesses. We pay particular attention to the placement of skilled personnel.

We develop educational-, training and exchange programs for different professional fields in the academic and non-academic sectors. We focus on equal access to education and primary healthcare and the participation of broad parts of the African population in economic growth. We see ourselves as a partner for development that especially promotes interaction on the basis of mutuality with and between the African countries.

GlobalEduPals works in close cooperation with its partnerorganisation Lagorrita e.V. to achieve those goals.