GlobalEduPals meets Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Thuringia


f.l.t.r. Louis Siewe, Christoph Matschie, Janine Adamczyk, Tina Gersuni

The initiators of GlobalEduPals, Louis Siewe and Janine Adamczyk meet Christoph Matschie, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Thuringia in Jena in the SPD-Haus on the 13th of Januar.

The main issue of the meeting was to introduce the foundation and to find support for further cooperation between GlobalEduPals and the Ministry of Education, Sciene and Culture.

Louis Siewe mentioned that the state of Thuringia can have the potential to play an active role in the development of educational relations among african countries and Europe. Such relations are of huge significance for both sides as the growth of many african societies require complex educational pathways whereas at the same time several europian countries are confronted with a shortage of young academics.

We are pleased that the Minister expressed the willingness of the Ministry to support the foundation GlobalEduPals in its activities to foster education in Africa.

This cooperative collaboration frames the first exploratory talk between GlobalEduPals and the State of Thuringia.

On the 11th of February another meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Business, Work and Technology is arranged to talk about further ways of cooperation with them.

The objectives of these kinds of meetings is for GlobalEduPals to establish a long-term educational relationship among Thuringa as important business location and Africa with its huge potential in different economic sectors.