Nowadays skilled personnel forms the basis of an operational economic cycle. The economies of several African countries are rising. To continue this development in the future, a supply of skilled workers is, besides other factors, essential.


Our educational programs prepare Africa’s skilled employees, executives and traders of tomorrow for the changing demands of the job market. We promote professional development in academic and non-academic fields in accordance with the local employment markets. In particular, we focus on sectors with a high potential for economic development such as information technology, engineering and trade. We emphasize the orientation of our programs and curricula towards the solution of local needs.


To implement our intentions, GlobalSkillPals works closely together with a network of local and international institutions of education (e.g. colleges and universities) as well as business companies of the private sector. Below you will find concrete information about our educational programs.

Professional training and internship programs

We develop educational programs and internship programs in academic as well as non-academic professional fields. Dedicated students, trainees and employees are given the opportunity to educate themselves and to gain practical experience with local companies or with one of our partner companies abroad. Alongside practical knowledge, we instill key competencies such as responsibility, quality awareness or skills in effective organization. Thereby, we support an active and creative configuration of the work place as well as the evolution of economic independence.

Executive training

We offer seminars in leadership and management for entrepreneurs and executives who are already active. Furthermore, we develop qualification programs for sustainable business management that focus on sensitizing local entrepreneurs to resource-saving production methods and to specific local needs.


Our business area consulting (Link: GlobalConsultPals) promotes international partnerships based on mutuality with educational institutions in Africa.


Together with our cooperation partners we seek for private donations and in-kind support, funds and sponsorships. Additionally, it is important to us that the projects that we support will be self-sustaining in the long run. For instance, this could be through sales revenues from handicrafts or services rendered for which the project participants were trained. In the future, we also envisage entrance fees or attendance fees earned from conferences or events that GlobalEduPals plans to hold in Europe and the USA.



In the summer of 2012 a pilot project named GlobalJavaPals was started at Douala Institute of Technology (DIT) in Cameroon. We recruited a group of young, committed students from the IT-sector who are currently being trained to become Java programmers in cooperation with Adorsys SA Cameroon. They will not only be prepared for the official Java Certification but will also gain valuable practical experience at the local Adorsys branch.

Starting in summer semester 2013, they will also have the opportunity to gain international experience in Germany through a co-operation project between the University of Applied Science Jena and the DIT which was initiated by GlobalEduPals.

The project addresses the problem that IT-products that meet the standards of industrialized countries are frequently not tailored for regional and national conditions in Africa and additionally are too expensive. African countries therefore need access to software products that can contribute to better governing of local structures and that can be serviced by local IT-specialists. Such products could also raise the interest of other African countries.

It is certain for GlobalJavaPals that the establishment of the IT-sector will play a decisive role as a future motor for economic growth in Africa over the next decades. Students that have completed our training program are to contribute to the development of customized software products for the local markets. Furthermore, GlobalJavaPals opens valuable new opportunities for the participants’ own careers and personal development.

We are currently preparing a similar project in Namibia.

Internship program

We arrange internships at our partner companies for African students and employees. In autumn 2012 we sent our first intern from Cameroon to Nuremberg/Germany, where he was able to gain valuable professional experiences for his career while working in the IT-sector at Adorsys LLC for three months.