GlobalConsultPals connects scientific and public institutions as well as businesses from African and international countries. Our principle: do research and develop products and economic strategies together.

There is high potential for economic growth if future manufacturing and business strategies better fit the local conditions in Africa. In many respects the African context is not comparable with the general conditions in countries of the global North. In particular, there are significant demographic and geographic differences. In practice, many products and business concepts imported to Africa are insufficiently, or not at all adapted to the local needs. This not only relates to prices but also to product characteristics which were designed for industrial countries. Manufacturing and business concepts that better fit these needs could contribute significantly to economic development on the continent. Besides the economy, this also applies to science and research.

The key concept of GlobalConsultPals is the combination of local know-how with the experience and capital from industrialized countries. Through this connection we promote the establishment of local small and medium-sized companies. We pay special attention to the development of the population’s creative potential as they know the local needs the best and are looking for simple ways to improve their living conditions. Most of the time the small innovations from the middle of society can make everyday life easier and gain acceptance quickly.


Our goal is to create innovative concepts for regional problems by promoting the establishment of local medium-sized companies. The local population can benefit from this in particular. Furthermore, we support the initiation of cooperation agreements (e.g.between universities or companies) and we consult in the areas of the economy and science in regard to education, staffing and financing of projects. We intend to stimulate networking between local groups and stakeholders.


With regards to content, GlobalConsultPals is closely connected to GlobalSkillPals as the development and promotion of educational programs depends on the regional demand for a qualified workforce. In order to evaluate the local conditions (e.g. professional fields or the number of skilled employees needed), internetworking with local institutions and companies as well as contact with international interested parties is essential.

We promote co-operation with African businesses and institutions by maintaining good relationships to our contacts in the private economy and science in Germany, France and the United States. Through our primary activities in the health and education branch we are able to consult private individuals, public institutions and businesses and to look for solutions to suit their needs together. Moreover, GlobalConsultPals supports local and international companies in the acquisition of qualified workforce. This goes hand-in-hand with the placement of personnel who complete a qualification program of GlobalSkillPals.

In addition to the extension of foreign investments and co-operation between African and international companies, the intangible exchange of knowledge between both hemispheres is close to our heart. Building on such an example of North-South cooperation will generate a model which can easily be transferred to other cities and countries.


Together with our partners we seek for private donations and in-kind support, funds and sponsorships. Additionally, future means of income are to be generated out of revenues from meetings and conferences initiated by GlobalEduPals.


Initiated by GlobalConsultPals, a cooperation agreement between the Douala Institute of technology (DIT) in Cameroon and the University of Applied Sciences Jena was signed in January of 2013. This facilitates the exchange of students, scientists and lecturers of both institutions.