History of Origins

Janine Adamczyk und Louis Siewe

Janine Adamczyk and Louis Siewe

Louis Destin Siewe and Janine Adamczyk developed the idea and founded GlobalEduPals in 2011.
Sixteen years ago, Louis came to Germany from his native Cameroon.  At that time, he only had a vague concept of a country whose language he did not speak. The rich educational opportunities and support of new friends, however, enabled him to integrate quickly into German society.

He not only learned  to speak German but also finished secondary school and went on to study industrial engineering. His experience made him aware of the extremely high value of education which, especially in Cameroon and other African countries, cannot be taken for granted but is considered a privilege. During his travels to Africa he repeatedly noticed the lack of a specialized workforce  (for example, in the fields of industry or administration)  and the fact that many of his fellow countrymen  had decided to leave Africa permanently because of the lack of professional or private opportunities at home.

Janine Adamczyk, his wife, also made similar observations.  As a medical doctor she was a team member in many medical projects in Africa. On the one hand, she experienced  new cultures, met friendly people and saw a  breathtaking  natural environment.  On the other hand, her work repeatedly exposed her to dire poverty, disease and multiple social challenges.  If a human being dies of an otherwise easily treatable disease because there is no access to qualified healthcare personnel or a hospital , it leaves a feeling of deep sadness and contemplation –and stands in sharp contrast to the high-tech medicine practiced at Janine’s regular workplaces, university hospitals in Germany and the USA.
Determined to make a difference and motivated by the opportunities provided to Louis in Germany, Louis and Janine decided to found an organization that would generate new prospects for young Africans. In the spirit of „giving back“ to both of Louis‘ home continents, they aim to make GlobalEduPals a platform for people who want to make a difference but who do not yet have the means to do so. Janine and Louis consider health and education to be fundamental human rights and the foundation of a stable society.

Louis, Janine und Prof. Olaf Werner (Abbe-Institut für Stiftungswesen)

Louis, Janine with Prof. Olaf Werner (Director Abbe-Institut für Stiftungswesen)

Together with friends from Jena, many of them members of the African diaspora,  they founded GlobalEdupals in 2012.  Annette Gramss, Karsten Jahn, Francis Pouatcha , Andre Pouassom and Daniela Scheler contributed notably.  In the summer of the same year, the pilot project „GlobalJavaPals“ was initiated at Douala’s university DIT to better qualify Cameroonuian students in the IT sector.  One year later,  we graduated our first four participants who had gained insights  into Java programming and practical work experience in a company.

Motivated by this success,  our team grew quickly  and we could expand our ideas,  especially through the valuable work of our new members: Tina Gersuni, Karsten Bassi, Hazel Slinn and Nicole Fuchs.  GlobalEduPals  works closely together with the Ernst Abbe Institute  for Foundations (Abbe-Institut für Stiftungswesen) and is preparing to be officially recognized as a foundation.