Meeting at Ministry of Economics

Meeting at Ministry of EconomicsOn the 06th of June 2014 a meeting with representatives of GlobalEduPals i.F. and the Ministry of Economics, namely the department manager for labour market policy and professional education, Mr. Prof. Behr, took place.

The ministry of economics showed huge interest in attracting Thuringia as a place for education, especially for students of the African diaspora but also for skilled employees in general. Considered are the support of projects to enable contacts among companies of Thuringia and students during their studies.

Exactly in this area can GlobalEduPals contribute a lot because of their networks and expertise in different fields.

There are options of support that can be considered by the ministry of economics but not before the end of 2014.

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Meeting at Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen


v.l.t.r. Dr. Thomas Richter, Michael Lohse, Karsten Bassi, Doreen Becker, Louis Siewe, Karsten Jahn, Peter Nothnagel

On the 14th of April 2014 a meeting at the Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH took place in Dresden about future cooperation.

The Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen showed huge interest and wants to check their scope and prospect to offer business companies of Saxonia access to the African Markets.

Our foundation is best positioned in this situation especially through the long-term events like the IT-Symposium and the African Opportunities Week. The Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen is keen to be represented at these platforms.

We are pleased to have found in the Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen a competent partner to strengthen the objectives of our foundation in the long run.

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Running for GlobalEduPals


Louis Siewe, Andrew Liston (alias Chunky), Karsten Bassi

GlobalEduPals is pleased to announce that we could win Andrew Liston (better known under his Nickname Chunky) as Partner for our foundation. From now on Chunky is going to present our foundation clearly visible on his running clothings for others to raise more awareness of our foundation in public.

Chunky is not unknown in the running scene. The following results shall give a short overview of some of his remarkable achievements:

We are pleased to have found in him an ambassador of sport for our ideas and vision. We wish him all the best and good luck in all upcoming running competitions.

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Meeting Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thuringia

IMG_6986To deepen the relationship among the state of Thuringia and GlobalEduPals, a meeting with representatives of  the Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thuringia mbH (LEG) took place in Erfurt on the 11th of February.  The purpose of this strategic meeting was to define a common basis and framework for further cooperation.

One main topic was about how to build up business relations among companies of Thuringia and Africa through common projects and discussions about an agenda.

Currently there are only a few business companies who are interested in the african market, so Hans-Jörg Hoffmann, teamleader of Thuringia International. 

This is a mistake. On the contrary, the raising potential of african corporations and markets have to be taken into account. Hence business related issues can be seen as a serious opportunity for local companies who want to extend their activities in the international and in particular in the african market.

In the following year, further informative events with the main subject about african markets and how to revive networks between Thuringia and Africa are in planning.

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Final Presentation – Prototypeseminar

IMG_6853GlobalEduPals was beside four other partners a Projectpartner of the Prototypseminar of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

The University offered this kind of Prototypeseminar to their students to work as an interdisciplinary team on tasks and innovative issues of the real working world.

Our team were assigned three students of the degree B.A. in Media Science who worked on concepts of our future project, the African Opportunities Week.

The final presentation of the results of all teams took place on the 5th of February 2014 at a very nice location of the University in Weimar. The participants presented their work in front of their fellow students, teachers and their Projectpartners.

The content of the presentation of our group was their approach to our task and the cooperation with us as foundation. As practical result we got two weblogo solutions for our longterm project, the African Opportunities Week. At the end of the semester a coporate identity manual, as theoretical result of the seminar, is handed over to us.

After the event we all came together at the delicious buffet to have follow up discussions and chats with the students, teachers and other partners. Taking everything into account it was a very delightful evening we all enjoyed. We were able to get insight views into different areas and would like to say “Thank you” to our students and for having been accepted as a Projectpartner of the Prototypeseminar by the Bauhaus-University.

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New Year Meeting

neujahrsempfang On 13th of Januar 2014 GlobalEduPals called for a New Year Meeting together with its partner La Gorrita e.V.

Some members meet one another personally the first time as our members and supporters are active around the world.

One the one side an review was given about all of our activities in 2013 and on the other side were presented and introduced all our upcoming activities, events and projects in 2014.

A huge “Thank you very much” to all who supported and helped to develop our pilotprojekt “JavaPals”.

To bring our african vision in effect we rely on active people who help and support our activities with their skills and expertise in different fields. Feel free to join our meetings and make your personal contribution.

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GlobalEduPals meets Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Thuringia


f.l.t.r. Louis Siewe, Christoph Matschie, Janine Adamczyk, Tina Gersuni

The initiators of GlobalEduPals, Louis Siewe and Janine Adamczyk meet Christoph Matschie, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Thuringia in Jena in the SPD-Haus on the 13th of Januar.

The main issue of the meeting was to introduce the foundation and to find support for further cooperation between GlobalEduPals and the Ministry of Education, Sciene and Culture.

Louis Siewe mentioned that the state of Thuringia can have the potential to play an active role in the development of educational relations among african countries and Europe. Such relations are of huge significance for both sides as the growth of many african societies require complex educational pathways whereas at the same time several europian countries are confronted with a shortage of young academics.

We are pleased that the Minister expressed the willingness of the Ministry to support the foundation GlobalEduPals in its activities to foster education in Africa.

This cooperative collaboration frames the first exploratory talk between GlobalEduPals and the State of Thuringia.

On the 11th of February another meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Business, Work and Technology is arranged to talk about further ways of cooperation with them.

The objectives of these kinds of meetings is for GlobalEduPals to establish a long-term educational relationship among Thuringa as important business location and Africa with its huge potential in different economic sectors.

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Thank You

Slowly but surely the year 2013 comes to an end. It was a successful year for GlobalEduPals with a lot of changes as well as small and big steps forward.

We came closer on our way to register the foundation. Only a few formalities are needed.

The pilot project GlobalJavaPals finally finished. Our Pals Linda, Cyrille, Témothee and Steve widened remarkably their IT skills and practical orientations.

We would like to take the chance to say a warmly “Thank you” to all of our supporters.

At the same time we call for further and strong support with the aim to give Africa and its people the hand for a better future.

The whole team of GlobalEduPals wishes a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”.

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Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013

Nelson Mandela

” There are two ways to break out of poverty. The first is by formal education, and the second is by the worker acquiring a greater skill at his work and thus higher wages. “

Mandela – from his speech made at the famous Rivonia Trial, on 20 April 1964

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2. Engagementbörse Jena

20131113_193540_small On the 13th of November 2013 the 2. Engagementbörse Jena organized by Bürgerstiftung Jena took place, with the background that social engagement in a civic society is important nowadays.

Our Foundation was also there and introduced itself to those who were interested. About 30 organisations were represented and we were one of them. We could inform and chat with people and maybe the one or the other gets involved in our activities.

We are also proud to announce that beside of our introduction we collected a donation of 50 € for the victims of the catastrophe in the Philippines. The money will be transfered as fast as possible.

Pictures of the event can be seen on the Website of the Bürgerstiftung.

Here a short impression of our representation at the event:





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